Joy Zahar a Lebanese Guitarist / Composer & Electronic music producer with African Origins, born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. She specializes in Electronic Fusion house genres.

Joy always rocked the path of independence. She started with her first Metal Band “Deveiled” in 2006, where she performed and composed Death Metal Music.

After finishing a bachelor in Business Systems Management, Joy entered the corporate world and quickly rose the ladder, assuming several managerial positions. Shining in her career, she used her acquired experience and skills to follow through on her passion – Music. As such, in 2013, Joy established an all-female band, “Iklil Beirut” & had them touring and performing around cities in Lebanon and in the region.

While performing and touring with her band, in June 2015 Joy was offered to be the lead guitarist for the renowned International Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama and began touring the world performing in over 300 concerts worldwide until summer 2020 where she started producing her own music and developing her own distinguished sound, starting off with her first single "No Matter What".

Joy is now the Producer of her own original music, she performs her tracks live and her music is being released on all major music platforms.