Joy Zahar, a Lebanese guitarist, composer, and electronic music producer with African heritage, born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. Specializing in electronic fusion house genres, Joy has consistently forged her path of independence. Her musical odyssey commenced with her inaugural metal band, "Deveiled," in 2006, where she both composed and performed death metal music.

Upon completing her studies in Business Systems Management, Joy transitioned into the corporate world, swiftly ascending the ranks to assume various managerial roles. Despite her triumphs in the corporate sphere, Joy remained steadfast in her devotion to music. In 2013, she founded "Iklil Beirut," an all-female band that toured extensively throughout Lebanon and the wider region.

While touring with her band, Joy's talent captured the attention of the renowned Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama. In June 2015, she took the role of lead guitarist for Alama, concurrently managing his office / band and toured the world performing in over 250 concerts worldwide until the onset of the pandemic in summer 2020.

During the Pandemic Joy delved deeper into her musical career and made the transition to producing her own music, cultivating a distinctive sound. Her debut single, "No Matter What," marked the inception of her journey as a producer of original music, with her tracks being performed live and released on all major music platforms.

In 2023, Joy established "Rousing Chamber," an intimate music hub where she hosts and films YouTube sets for musicians & DJs, supporting both local and international artists. And then registered Rousing Chamber as her new record label, releasing Afro and indie house music.